Monday, 10 October 2011

Setback by Mail and Knee

stats of the week: run 61km, cycled 70km, gym 1.5h

London Marathon 2012 ballot results have been sent out recent week. Same procedure as every year since 2000. For the 13th time I have been rejected by the international lottery. For Germany there are very few entries available via the ballot. No official figures are published, I guess there are about 20 bibs for us per year. Needless to say that the additional 300 entries via travel agency are already sold out (one is for me).

I was able to do my first long run in preparation for Dublin. 30K on Tuesday went well but I faced a setback yesterday. While properly running our local half marathon I felt a strong meniscus pain during the final 3k and I had to limp to the finish. Now I'm slightly concerned how this problem will develop while more training for Dublin is to be done.

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