Monday, 12 March 2012

Diet race

stats of the week: run 53km

To spend the weekend on Germany's poshest North Sea island and in its ugliest coastal village was somewhat depressing as I had to stay on my own.

However - the 33.3K race was a personal success. Despite a noticable headwind and minor digesting problems I clocked 2:53:22 hrs. 3 minutes faster than last year and one minute faster than two years ago!

Really surprising: Due to my active stomach I drank only 0.4 liters of energy drink and gulped just half a portion of energy gel - and this diet made me able to increase the speed on the final 5K. No cramps, no blue lips at the finish.

Average pace was 5:12 min/K (8:23 min/mile) which would make a marathon in 3:39 hrs. May I dream of this?


  1. Hi Uli, that sounds great :-) Congratulations!

  2. Thx Heike, hope the year goes on like this until summer in Switzerland :-)

  3. Switzerland sounds good :-). What are your plans?

  4. It's a secret - not yet to be published. "Switzerland" already reveals too much :-)