Sunday, 27 May 2012

A decent one at long last

stats of the week: run 70km, cycled 56km, gym 3hrs

To prepare for oncoming summer challenges I considered running another marathon as a good idea. So I chose a small event in the far German East but not too far away to be reached by day tour: Ever heared of Arolsen?

Anyway the story ended by my first decent marathon since 18 months. No cramps, no weakness! I was able to keep the pace right to the finish line that I crossed after 3:56:20 hrs. And like always I don't really know why this one worked well and the previous ones were flops. May be my body just prefers hilly trail courses.

Because I didn't prepare for the run like a serious race I forgot to place protective plasters. After 20K my nipples began to hurt and to rescue them I decided to run the second part of the race half naked. Shortly after I stripped off it happened that I accompanied the leading lady for most of the remaining route. Kindly she didn't complain nor did she seem to be outraged.

My new GPS device shows the workout.

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