Sunday, 7 October 2012

Great Day in Chicago

stats of the week: run 58km, cycled 40km

Folks, I havn't cheated und I'm not kidding. Today it was one of the really surprising days a runner rarely experiences. After two summer injuries and a very low level sort of training I made a cautious start at today's Chicago Marathon.

Then it happened that I was overtaken by a 3:50 pacemaker and found his speed convenient. My eyes didn't lose him all the distance and I couldn't believe my own legs that I was able to run the two halves of the marathon in almost exactly the same time. That made a finish after 3:50:33 - a sudden success.

No wonder that happiness didn't let me feel exhausted at the finish and I enjoyed to be cheered by the volunteers.

Sunrise above start area:

Off we go:

Back we are:

Personal happiness:

Thanks to the volunteers:

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