Thursday, 20 June 2013

Still impressed

Back home from South Africa and Durban I'm still reviewing the unique impressions of a unique road race: The world's most traditional long race - the Comrades Marathon.

Around 15,000 runners take the challenge every year, most of them do it year after year, most of them local runners of RSA. It started all in 1921 and this year sees the 88th edition. What it means to the locals has been shown by building up the "Wall of honour".

This is how it looks. Not just the winners are documented, every finisher may buy a badge. Only runners who finished at least ten times get a green one.

Famous Charly Doll, a dominant hill runner and blackforest cook, was the first German to win the race. He was followed by Birgit Lennartz and 3-time-winner Maria Bak.
Arthur's seat is another landmark on the route.
Roses are given to the runners just before the place and thrown on the seat in honour of Arthur. Good luck for the rest of the race he wishes them in return.

More of my own race see next posting.

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