Thursday, 24 October 2013

Old man flowering

stats of the week: run 38km, gym 4h

It looks like a low key sports week but I was forced to recover from post race muscle pain until I started a much loved long distance hill race in the Teutoburger Wald. I thought it'd make a good preparation for the NYC Marathon as it boasts 29km and 600 vertical meters with some really steep sections.

Disappointingly I had to walk three times (!) - more than ever before at this race. By the finish I clocked 3 min more than 2 years ago. Still fast enough to climb the podium for the very first time at such a big and renowned event. After 2:32 h I was 3rd of 33 age group runners and a proud old man being awarded with a potted flower.

By the way: If you ever need to rent a car on Majorca be aware that "Goldcar" is a dubios company not to be trusted. They charge extortionate petrol prices and will debit unjustified fees weeks after you have returned the car.

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