Sunday, 16 March 2014

Painful success

stats of the week: run 40km, gym 3h

It was a week of tapering down for Sunday's Sylt run, a flat race of 33.3K along Germany's most fashionable island. Due to the strong north westerly wind it turned out to be the toughest of my 7 appearings here.

documented veterans

Adding to the conditions I failed to manage my food intake properly during the race. The result was that I was nearly forced to walk after 25K. Some fruit sugar rescued me and enabled me to get to the finish rather in style. The result was still presentable: 2:56:26 h was exactly the time I could expect and by placed 8th I reached my target to finish within the top ten of my age group.

On the downside part is the multitude of pain I suffered during the second half of the race. Not just several muscles but both knees hurt a lot and made me doubt that a good season can follow.

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  1. Anyway, congratulations :) (and don't doubt too much...)