Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Not too disappointing

stats of the week: run 61km, cycled 40km, gym 3h

My disappointing time of 4:00:20 placed me 8th of 36 runners in my age group at the local Ruhr Marathon. Sounds still too good to be really disappointed. There were two motivating aspects: First 30K went fairly easy and relaxed, still on 3:49-course. For the final 2K I was able to jog again constantly and to finish strong with a 200m spurt.

When metabolism changed to fat consume at about 33K I got so exhausted that I had to walk several times until 40K. Obviously I had taken too little carbos during the race. Adding to this, race day was the first hot day after a coolish period. But I have to admit that the main reason was my lack of long training runs.

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