Friday, 18 December 2015

Hard times as a spectator

stats of the week: second week of forced rest

You might imagine that it is hard to be a spectator but otherwise it was good fun to support C. at the Sundowner 10Km in Cape Town. It was a fairly big event with approx. more than 2,000 runners, about nearly half of them women.

They're off! No chip time. For a European soul it was strange to see how many runners were late at the start. Even 15 minutes after the crowd was gone there were runners still setting off on their own. Luckily roads were still closed for them.

System is simple and easy. When registering you get a card on which you write down your name. This card you have to carry during the race and to the finish line.

After crossing the finish line you get another card showing your place in the field. Here were separate finishs for men and women!

Putting both of your cards together you place them on a board. Ready is the result list!

Female winner at km 9.

Runners are required to carry their age group on front and back (here "J") if they aim for age group prizes.

And how about my knee? Everything goes to schedule. Meanwhile I have started cycling already :-)

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