Monday, 4 January 2016

Daily SA Agony

stats of the week: run 10km, cycled 168km

Another week survived on the roads of South Africa. Drivers are not aggressive like in Germany, SA drivers are just careless. They seem to be dreaming while driving. And I got the impression that they disobey cyclists. Even when there is enough space and no oncoming traffic they pass the cyclist with a distance of a hand. It's sometimes really scaring especially when it is very windy.

South Africa has about a tenth of German traffic but has a rate of more than 12,000 road deaths per year what is four times the German rate. We never cycle here without agony and already had to witness a deadly accident.

As you see I already started sort of jogging this week. It's a lap of 2.5km which I more or less hobble around every other day. I still have doubts that I'll ever be able to run properly again.

Kommetjie Strand
Spectator still at New Year's Eve 8K run at Green Point, Cape Town

The lady winner at New Year's Eve race. Last year German Sabrina Mockenhaupt was first home before all men!

Bush fires are a common sight in the Western Cape. Cycling below ash clouds at Franschhoek Pass.

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