Sunday, 7 February 2016

Run Walk Run to Finish

stats of the week: run 22km, gym 7h

11 weeks to London.

The London Marathon awaits its 1millionth runner since the first race in 1981. Everybody who has taken part can buy their personal shirt showing their historic number. I would be happy to get one shirt with all my 16 numbers but that's not availabe. I would have to order 16 shirts. Unfortunately they don't print your time. Otherwise I'd buy my 2004 one with my PB of 3:21:48.

Plans now are to increase the weekly mileage slowly up to 40 to 50 km and complete at least 3 runs with more than 20 km including the Berlin Halfmarathon. To finish London with a rather low preparation I think about using Jeff Galloway's Run Walk Run method. Jeff says his method allows "older runners to feel as good as in their younger days". That's it!

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