Friday, 30 September 2016

High level success

stats of the week: run 7km, hill walking 3 high peaks
stats of the week before: run 5km, high level walking approx 8h
stats of the 2nd week before: run 17km, cycled 168km, gym 2h

Two weeks offline - not completely but without computer - on my journey to Bolivia. A very strenous travel, hard core road trips, high level living, all the time more than 3,600 m above sea level, good beer, limited food. I lost another 3kg of weight to my optimum of 30 years.

Twice I managed a high level jog, a special experience. It is like starting at 30km of a marathon.

Final success was my 4th 6,000m peak: Acotango, Bolivia, 6,052m. Still hope, this can be topped sometimes.

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