Monday, 1 January 2018

Review the year

stats of the week: run 44 km

Another parkrun at Franschhoek done, a rather bad one for me. After 2.5 km I took a wrong turn and lost about 20 seconds, after 4 km I had such a bad cough that I had to stop and walk for a while. Finally I was still 13 seconds faster than 2 weeks before.

On New Year's Eve we once more did the lovely Runners Memorial Race. Before the start the speaker reminds the crowd of the runners who passed away during the year. It is a very special atmosphere when suddenly everybody is silent and listens respectfully to the names.

I had two targets. To run sub 40 minutes and to finish without a cough issue. Both were successful. 39:52 means 10 seconds faster than last year. A fairly happy year end.

Stats of the year disclose that I ran only 1,373 km in 2017 but 6,392 km on the bike are a record. Together it makes my 3rd highest quantity ever. My focus for 2018 is on running as I am the youngest vintage in age category 65 now. 

Happy new year everybody!

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