Thursday, 22 February 2018

Brexit Half Marathon

Got the final instructions for the Big Half London Marathon. Surprisingly there is no Expo. British residents receive their start package by postal mail. Overseas runners have to pick up their bib, chip and kitbag at race morning before the start. And they are required to present their passport!

What do organisers think how we should handle the passport during the race? It seems to be unthinkable for them to send a letter across the Channel. Perhaps this race should be called the BREXIT HALF.

Adding to this there is more unexpected inconvienence. I booked the Tower Hotel to have the start line right in front of my doorstep. Now I learnt that I have to pick up my number south of Tower Bridge but will not be allowed to cross the bridge. That means I will have to walk 2 miles to cross the river via London Bridge only to get to a point that is 300 yards away from my hotel.

I better should have a cup of tea and keep calm.

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