Thursday, 8 March 2018

Disappointing London Big Half Weekend

stats of the week: run 42 km, gym 2 h

My first this year's London weekend was no successful one for me. 1:51:50 is not the result I hoped for. Okay, there is no lack of excuses.

Our Friday flight by Flybe to London City was cancelled just when we approached the gate. Then we had to queue for 2 hours to get a new booking for Saturday but this had Birmingham as its destination.

On Saturday we got no information by Flybe while we waited for 6 hours to finally board our flight into Birmingham. A convenient train ride brought us into London City by 9 pm.

On Sunday morning I first assisted C to collect her bib then I made my way to the orange start area that was on the South side of the river. There I had to queue for 40 minutes to receive my number (and I have to admit I pushed myself forward). Luckily I was able to drop my kitbag a second before the lorries closed.

However, I tried to follow my race schedule but felt from the first mile on that this was not my day. Legs felt okay but I had problems to breathe freely. Maybe - hopefully - I was not completely recovered from the latest cold. Otherwise I would have to face a significant backdrop of my performance. Imagine last year I was 7 minutes faster.

Just to warn you I should mention that also our Flybe flight back to Dusseldorf got cancelled what meant another delay of 4.5 hours.

By the way thanks to Tower Hotel who did not charge us for the missed night.

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