Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cycling the giant of the Provence

stats of the week: run 10 km, cycled 209 km

The Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux was a perfectly organised event for just 700 participants along a more than picturesque route. Every road crossing was blocked for us and food stations were great. We took in the legendary Mt Ventoux first and went down to Malaucene. Then there was a hilly loop around a green valley and a finally climb to Suzette to reach Beaumes de Venise and the finish line.

This great race should have deserved more cyclists. As it was Saturday and perfect weather there were more private cyclists on Mt Ventoux than those with a bib.

However it was a great day to remember. I was also happy with my performance although I was at the back of the pack. There were only 48 participants in my age group 60-66 and I finished 41st. There were also 27 cyclists of 67 years and more. Most of them were faster than me, too.

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