Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Worst ever

stats of the week: run 40 km, indoor cycled 1.75 h

I was so silly to run a personal Berlin Halfmarathon without proper training. And there were more faults. I didn't warm up. I started too fast. I ignored the temperature, it was the year's first warm day. This process ended up with one of the most gruelling experiences of running I ever had. It was my 62nd half marathon but the first one when I had to walk parts of it due to exhaustion. I finished after depressing 2:04:20 h. I am not sure if it is depressing too that I was the oldest runner taking part in this virtual race.

Lonesome at the startline what should have been my 7th Berlin Halfmarathon.

By the way: Imagine you get a fly into your throat but hesitate to cough because people would be scared you are spreading the virus. I was nearly puking until I got enough distance to surrounding walkers.

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