Monday, 25 May 2020

Constant muscle problems

stats of the week: run 18 km, cycled 182 km
stats of the week before: run 22 km, cycled 138 km, indoor cycled 1 h, hiked 12 km

I am rather gutted about my poor running mileage. Due to several muscle problems I had to stick to cycling most of the time and even had a number of rest days. Probably the reason is the lack of strength training and stretching. The gym has opened again meanwhile but I still hesitate to go. Our town is no corona hotspot but there are still a few new infections and I prefer to avoid the risk. However, I can't find the motivation to do strength training at home.

The one highlight of the last week was our 2-day-cycling tour. Towing the baggage trailer with my bike for 90 km each day was a good exercise and got me to my limits. This was another test for a big project I still dream of to do next year.

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