Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Done: My 21st London Marathon

stats of the week: run 53 km, cycled 77 km
London Marathon result: 4:39:11

Thanks to a perfect support with numerous food stations and two great companions I was able to finish my 21st London Marathon in a proper time. Walking breaks every 5 km enabled me to get to the finish line in good shape. Surprisingly I could run the last 4 km at pace of well sub 6 min/km. Compared to my ardous long training runs this performance shows the importance of suffcient food and drink. 

This photo was taken after 35 km:

A special experience was the reliability of the official London Marathon App. To make sure that we completed the whole distance we continued till my Polar GPS watch clocked 42.6 km. Then we walked to the car park. Where I noticed that my app had only summed up 26.07 miles. So I had to start again to finish my official marathon and finally got an official time of 4:45:38. Even worse for one of my companions: The app counted just 23 miles and did'nt confirm the finish. Hopefully this will be corrected by sending the GPX file.

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