Thursday, 16 March 2006

Back to wintry Germany - 38 days to go

week's balance scheduled: 77K (48m) / done: 54K (34m)
BMI: 22.6

Men's 50-54 Winner's CupBreaking news: "Recent Sunday the International Pafos Half Marathon on Cyprus produced a stunning result. Germany's senior athlet Uli Sauer of Witten on the Ruhr - so far known only to long time insiders - won his age group by the impressive lead of more than 2 minutes. The self-confidently started banker Harry G. of Hameln (GER) was left as runner-up. He denied any kind of disappointment."

It was like winning a lottery prize. Luckily the time I clocked was not mentioned during the award ceremony. At the simultaneously run half marathon at home I would have finished with a less respectable 16th place in my age group. On Cyprus I chose the right distance of three offered races and proudly received a cup 14 inches high.

Uli and Harry at the ceremony
I wrote a race report but it is just in German I regret. But have a look at the photos published.

The more important message is that my foot coped with the race's burden. So I look forward to running the Syltlauf on next Sunday. It's a race of 33K (21m) from the southern to the northern tip of Germany's most fashionable North Sea island. Sadly this race which has been held for 25 years will be the last one as the organizers unavoidably got 25 years older and are tired to continue their good work. The race is limited to 800 runners and was already sold out at May last year. I did it twice before, in 2002 and 2004, and I am determined to be part of it when it will be buried. Syltlauf website

Again I chose a Hotel providing WLAN broadband so I will be able to keep you updated. Watch this space on late Monday evening.

Keep running

PS many thanks for your encouraging comments and emails

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