Sunday, 26 March 2006

Down to emergency programme - 27 days to go

week's balance scheduled: 60K (38m) / done: 33K (21m)

By now my training schedule is really reduced to an emergency programme. I am miles behind even my downsized version. On Wednesday I joined the 10m fun run along the dykes of the Isle of Sylt. Enjoyed it, and the foot seemed to be happy. But the following morning things looked different. The ankle was again hurting like hell. Made me cancel all running for the next three days. Well, back home today I was able to complete the usual club workout of again 10 miles. We will see how the world looks tomorrow morning. As a precaution I made excessive use of my friend, the icebag.

However, I take all these set-backs with a somewhat even-tempered manner. My only target is to keep the current level of fitness and to concentrate on the oncoming race highlights at Berlin and London. If the ankle tolerates I will cautiously try a speed workout on the treadmill on Tuesday. And that's it for next Sunday when I aim to finish the Berlin half marathon well below 1:40 hours.

Done this race there will be another 3 weeks to go until the London. Might be the foot will force me to have more rest days, but it should be possible to put in just one long run of 20 miles. And this will do for London to enable me to finish.

After all some signs of spring time have arrived here. Yesterday in the North of Germany we still passed snow covered fields. At home in the West today we enjoy 18°c (64.4 F).

Received the London Marathon Magazine yesterday, containing my registration letter. At first glimpse I couldn't find any major changes compared to last year. Apart from the new official photo company which seems to offer more photos from more places. And Orange has stepped out as a sponsor which means there is no SMS service provided.

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