Thursday, 7 September 2006

Long and Fast

Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: easy run, 10K, flat, 58min
Thursday: long run, 24K, flat, 2:11min

Apparently my hamstring problem was just a strong kind of muscle soreness. The pain was completely gone until Wednesday albeit it forced me to rest totally on Monday and Tuesday. After a test run on Wednesday I agreed to go for a long jog with friends U and J today.

You might remember J is the nice blond lady I love to run with - ignoring the fact that her high pace is not adequat to my training plans and my current performance. Last time I ran with her I caught a foot injury.

J.'s electronic pacemaker said SLOWER right from the beginning but we felt alright and my heartrate was below 120bps so I didn't complain wholeheartedly and we only joked about our speed and who of us will be the fastest at next Sunday's 8K race.

But finally our long run escalated on the last mile when we forced the pace up to 4:15min/K (6:50min/mile) and an increased heartrate of 147 bps which is my level for a 10K race. We finished our workout after 2:11 hrs for 24K (15m).

I wonder about the injuries I will have caught this time. Will see tomorrow morning. However there is a saying for people of my age: If you wake up in the morning and nothing is hurting you are probably dead. Regarding this I am certainly VERY alive.

Don't worry, Sabine, I only thought about retiring from the annual onion relay race, not from the London Marathon. Admittedly my average weekly mileage this year is the lowest since 1999 but I still hope there will come better times and more miles.

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