Sunday, 3 September 2006

Moaning Again

Thursday: fartlek run, 15K, 300m, 1:25 hrs
Friday: bike, 114K, 560m, 4:17 hrs
Saturday: onion relay race, 5x600m, team time 11:59 min
Sunday: slow jog, 5K, 35 min

The combination of a long bike ride on Friday followed by the tough short race on Saturday eve turned out to be too much for my left hamstring. During the night it started to hurt like hell. It feels like usual aching muscles but I fear it is sort of a more severe harm. Sore muscles normally hurt most on the second day following the event. This time it started a couple of hours after the race. Okay, if it is worse tomorrow the theory will be verified.

The relay race was as tough as it was always in recent years. I went off a bit more cautious than last year but on the final part my muscles were the limiting fact more than the breathing.

Most of the competitors were much younger than me. I was impressed how fast they were although carrying the load of 10 kilogrammes. I think I would be able to keep up with most of them at a 10 miles or half marathon race. But a sprint of 600 meters is not the most convenient distance for a veteran runner. Maybe I should think about retiring before next year's team is being recruited.

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