Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Bike Trip

Training stats
Mo 07/05: rainy biking, 19K, 1:15 hrs
Tu 08/05: slow biking, 72K, 4:30 hrs, flat run, 8.5K, 46 min
We 09/05: slow biking, 81K, 5:00 hrs

We should not complain about the weeks of sunshine we had recently. But why had it to stop right when we start our bike tour? Monday couldn't have been worse. We stopped the first afternoon tour after being drowned by heavy rainfalls.

The other luck is our hotel. The leaflet did not tell that the house is placed exactly under a big motorway bridge... Adding to this there is a second brigde serving the high speed railway line. In our rooms there are ear plugs provided to enable the guest to cut the noise in half.

Tuesday and Wednesday turned out to stay dry for us which was really lucky since most of the country was rainy.

The meeting of the rivers Werra and Fulda forms the new river Weser which flows into the North Sea.

The half timbered village of Allendorf has been renovated almost completely.

A view of our hotel which I would recommend to be shown in the leaflet.

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