Sunday, 27 May 2007

Top Training Week

training stats
week's total: run 70 K, bike 81 K, gym 2.5 hrs

su 27/06: hilly long run, 32 K, 3:04 hrs
sa 26/06: gym 1.5 hrs
fr 25/06: hilly run, 8.5 K, 0:46 hrs
th 24/06: flat run, 19.5 K, 1:55 hrs
we 23/06: hilly bike tour, 81 K, 3:15 hrs
tu 22/06: easy jog, 9K, 0:55 hrs
mo 21/06: gym 1.5 hrs

Including last Sunday I ran 98 K in 8 days which is my highest weekly mileage since 2005. With just 12 days to go to the Stockholm Marathon on Saturday, June 9, most of the work is done now. With only 7 weeks between London and Stockholm my goal was to run as much as possible but to avoid to do too much. The main challenge was to complete at least 2 long runs what I luckily was able to do by 28 K last Sunday and 32 K today. The graph shows the weekly mileage from London to Stockholm.
Left by now is mainly tapering off until marathon day.

Did I already point out that I got 54 this year? Next year I will belong to another age group, it can't be helped...

Looking at Germany's biggest marathon, Berlin 2006, one counts 2,676 finishers in M50. And numbers downsize to 1,385 runners in M55! Which unveils that every other runner gives up his sport when getting older than 54. I reckon no veteran runner quits running without being forced to. Obviously most of them will have to meet their fate - to stop running due to physical deficiencies, mostly orthopaedic reasons I guess.

Reviewing my training in recent 15 months I have to realise that I more and more face different kinds of injuries. It won't be really surprising if I have to quit running in the near future. However, you might have noticed that I am not the person to give up when getting into trouble - you'll see how I will do during coming years.

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