Saturday, 3 November 2007

Greetings from NYC - race number 11202

training stats
Fr 02/11: 10K, 0:56 hrs
Mo 29/10: 11K, 1:04 hrs

This trip is my third one to NYC within three years. First time I was totally excited about the abundance of human life. Second time I enjoyed the classic highlights the City offers. Now I feel sort of horrified by moving through the tarmacced gorges of Manhattan. I guess it would be easier to survive in the rain forest than in the hustle of Big Apple. And I reckon people in NYC are so friendly because they know how hard life is in this place.

photo: sunset on Friday afternoon

Regarding tomorrow's marathon I don't feel to be really fit. My legs are more tired than they have been for months. All the guide business might have been a bit too much. Even worse I caught a cold. So I have to think about cutting my goal back to 3:45 or even 4:00. I will decide after having run the first couple of miles.

Today the US Olympic men's marathon trials took place in Central Park. The photo shows winner Ryan Hall waving to the crowds with half a mile to go to the finish line. The two more places to qualify for Beiing went to Dathan Ritzenhein and Brian Sell. Sadly the sudden death of 5-time-US-champion Ryan Shay had to be announced. He collapsed after little more than 5 miles into the race.

Follow tomorrow's race tracker along the New York City marathon and look out for race number 11202.

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