Sunday, 28 October 2007

Greetings from Dublin

Training stats
week's total:
run 69K

Su 28/10: run, 17K, 1:32 hrs
Sa 27/10: run, 11K, 1:02 hrs
Tu 23/10: long run, 30K, 2:55 hrs
Mo 22/10: hilly run, 11K, 1:02 hrs

Greetings from a weekend trip to Ireland where I am the tourguide of small group of runners who intend to do the Dublin Marathon tomorrow. Dublin promotes its event to be the "friendly marathon". And they prove to be right. Everything is easy and relaxed.

We joined the International Breakfast Run this morning. Everybody can show up and take part, without any qualification. It is a very short jog, around 4 K, and the real event is what follows. A decent t-shirt by sponsor adidas, food and drinks in the hall for everyone, Irish music and dancing. Very relaxed indeed.

An unfamiliar habit for guests from Germany is to trade with t-shirts. I was asked by a French runner to change the shirt I wore. As it was far too big for me anyway I was happy to get a long sleeve french one instead. Later everybody I met thought I was from France.

Framed by running before and after, I managed to complete 90 minutes of running this morning. After Tuesday's long run I was not happy as my old right knee moaned about the stress. So I had a rest of 3 days and it seems that this was the right decision. Now I hope to be fit for NY next Sunday. Training mate J has finished 3:38 today in Frankfurt, so this is the challenge. We'll see.

(sorry I forgot my card reader and can't post any photos)

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