Sunday, 13 January 2008

Non-scheduled running

week's total: run 29K, indoor cycling 2 hrs, gym 2 sessions
Su 13/01: hilly run, 11K, 1:00 hrs
Sa 12/01: gym 2 hrs
Fr 11/01: flat run, 10K, 0:57 hrs

I have not yet set up my training schedule for London. I still hesitate to do it because it would be too frustrating to visualize how difficult it is to build up any fitness while injured. Confronted with a proper plan I will have to realize that I can't do sufficient workouts.

I promise to publish my schedule until next Saturday. I am sorry that my personal plan will be very special and not suitable to be copied for anyone else. Perhaps you are interested to have a look at the 4:25-schedule I just created for a friend who wants to run the Hamburg marathon in April:

4:25 marathon schedule (xls-file)

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