Sunday, 6 January 2008

New year - old knees

training stats
week's total: run 35K, cycle 1 hr, gym 2 sessions
Su 06/01: hilly run, 11K, 1:01 hrs
Sa 05/01: gym, 2 hrs
Fr 04/01: flat run, 9K, 0:46 hrs
Th 03/01: indoor cycle, 1 hr
We 02/01: gym, 2 hrs
Mo 31/12: flat race, 15K, 1:07 hrs

The 15K race was fine, I achieved the time I could expect and the sick kneecap played along. However, more than once I imagined that this could easily have been my very last New Year's Eve race.

All the problems didn't prevent me from entering the 2008 London, Stockholm and NYC marathons. Thinking about creating a training plan building up to April 13 - the London Marathon - I had to discover that time is rather short. I will contact the doc asap to receive Hyaluronan injections. Meanwhile I limit my running to distances of max 10K and a weekly mileage of max 30K, hopefully increasing to 40-50K in February.

If everything goes according to plans I will do my first long run at mid of March which is definately too late to get really fit for London. So my modest target will be to finish with a time of less than 4 hours.

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