Sunday, 24 February 2008

Worn out

training stats
week's total:
4 runs 51K, 1 bike ride 69K, 1 gym session
Su 24/02: long run, 24K, 2:16 hrs
Sa 23/02: bike ride, 69K, 2:52 hrs
Fr 22/02: jog, 5K, 0:30 hrs
Th 21/02: run, 12K, 1:06 hrs
We 20/02: gym 2 hrs
Tu 19/02: run 10K, 0:58 hrs
Mo 18/02: rest

Most runners will know the situation: You are feeling tired and worn out and you don't know any substantial reason for it. Since Wednesday eve I have been really tired. I don't feel like being ill - I am just weak. After a few steps of running I have to fight to get along.

Precautiously I monitored my heart rate during today's long run - I toiled for more than 2 hours but my heart rate stayed at a perfect level between 70 and 75 per cent of my max rate. I was prepared to stop my workout to avoid any risk but there was no forceful sign to do so.

May be it is just the unusual spring time weather we have in February. It is rest day tomorrow and I hope this will help.

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