Sunday, 17 February 2008

On track

training stats
week's total: 3 runs 42K, indoor cycle 1h, gym 2 sessions
Su 17/02: hilly jog, 21K, 2:07 hrs
Sa 16/02: gym 2 hrs
Fr 15/02: 12K, 1:08 hrs
Th 14/02: indoor cycle 1 h
We 13/02: gym 2 hrs
Tu 12/02: jog, 10K, 1:06 hrs
Mo 11/02: rest

This is the 3rd week I could fulfill my schedule which I regard as a success although I have to admit that my schedule is VERY low key.

The experiences along my different workouts might be of interest to those of you who also suffer from the symptoms of "Runner's knee". I found that very slow jogging - like I did on Tuesday - increases problems and causes pain after the run. On the other hand indoor cycling proved to ease these problems. I estimate that within one hour of indoor cycling the knee is bent at least 5,000 times! Common sense says that an arthritic joint has to be moved not to get worse. After one hour of constant cycling my knee seems to be stronger and more solid.

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