Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Active Non-Runner

training stats
Tu 06/05: gym 2 hrs
Mo 05/05: bike 43K, 1:40 hrs
Su 04/05: easy bike 38K, 3:30 hrs
Sa 03/05: hilly bike 108K, 4:15 hrs
Fr 02/05: gym 2 hrs
We 30/04: bike 40K, 1:38 hrs
Tu 29/04: hilly bike 38K, 1:35 hrs
Mo 28/04: treadmill test, stop after 18min

12 days to go to next half marathon, 25 days to go to next marathon.

But I havn't done a step of running... I did set up a schedule but it already is rubbish. I am still hoping to take part in both events. Next test at end of this week: It will look like the first steps of a beginner. 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking and so on. We'll see. I always managed to get to the finish line in all of my 285 races. This only worked because I didn't start when I was in doubt. Now I am in doubt but I am desperate to start and I will do it. If it works it will only do with the help of Dicofenac I reckon.

I just had to learn that Diclo was one of the reasons a Werder Bremen football player lost his kidneys. He was given these pills over years. His organs probably were not working well before taking the medicine but his fate is still a cause to think about one's own behaviour. I don't take the pills for more than 4 consecutive days and not more than 2 ones per day. But I have to admit occasions increase their frequency. Therefore I will have to think about different solutions sooner or later.

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