Monday, 19 May 2008

Almost another Wonder

training stats
Su 18/05:
half marathon race, 21.1km, 1:42:48 hrs
Fr 16/05: hilly bike, 41K, 1:45 hrs
Th 15/05: cautious jog, 8K, 0:44 hrs
We 14/05: gym 2hrs
Tu 13/05: jog/walk, 7K, 0:45 hrs

As you see above I was able to finish Sunday's half marathon race. I call it my Diclo Race. Only with thanks to Diclofenac I managed to get along. This was my medicine schedule:

Thursday: 1 pill (50mg diclo)
Friday: 2 pills
Saturday: 3 pills
Sunday: 2 pills before the race and another 1 after

I only document my behaviour to set an example how NOT to do it. I desperately wanted to run the race as it is my home town where I pass my former work center and even the hospital where I was born, and lots of more places making personal history for me. It's like a promenade through my life. And there is no other race where I meet more friends, colleagues and aquantainces than here.

My knee was fine until 8 km when it started to hurt but luckily didn't force me to stop. During the final 2 km I was so enthusiastic that I didn't feel any pain at all.

The reason for my excitement was not only that I was able to reach the finish. Once more it was B who astonished me and ran to a personal best after a training schedule what can be described as rather limited.

B's new PB of 1:42 hrs lets hope for a full marathon of 3:40-3:45 what would be another PB. The only concern is: I doubt she has done enough long runs to run at this performance level for the full length of the distance. However, she always has a good surprise up her sleeve. We'll see in Stockholm at May 31.

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