Thursday, 2 October 2008

Count down started

stats recent week: 39K run, 200K cycled, 1 gym session

I felt that New York has come quite close but I didn't recognise that it was just 5 weeks to go last Sunday! It is the same situation as it was every marathon during last 2 years. My mileage would not be recommended to anyone to try a marathon with this kind of training having done.

I have got my number. I am lucky to be able to travel to New York at no costs for myself. I will try to run. No question!
My main hope is that all the cycling I have done during summer will help me running the distance. My 10K race was much faster than I expected, finished with 43:03min. But it is a different story to run a marathon. Without proper preparation it will be VERY tough.
Next Sunday will give a first sign when I have scheduled the first of 3 long runs - 25K which I should do without too much pain to stay on route for NY.
This is my weekly emergency schedule. Not recommended as I said, it's an experiment.

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