Sunday, 12 October 2008

Amazing success

stats of the week: run 45K, bike 38K, gym 1 session

Yesterday's half marathon race was a personal success with a finish time of 1:37 hrs and my knee staying calm. However I have to wait for the next workout on Tuesday to learn if the knee is really happy with it.

It was a brave race and I should say thanks to A who accompanied me for half of the distance and also to JP who I desperately tried to catch up with as he is in my age group. However, shortly after I managed to get to his side after 15K we faced the first hard ascent and I had to pay for the hunt. I nearly broke down while A and JP quickly opened up a fast growing gap. I only saw them again behind the finish line.

Luckily biking B cheered me up and finally I was able to finish in style. Imagine my amazement when I recognized that JP and A were still on the route! They got lost and the detour took them 10min! Anyway I didn't refuse the prize I got for 2nd place in my age group...

photo: Almost 10K run with the speed helped by A

photo 2: Together with D we overtook the leading woman! That makes up for the Dortmund race where I was lapped by the winning lady!

photo 3: After the first ascent I was even more happy to have biking B with me to cheer me up

photo4: Happy senior drinker

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