Sunday, 8 February 2009

Too motivated?

stats of week 12: run 55K, cycled 3 hrs, gym 2 workouts

As the graph shows it was a week of highly motivated training. I am slightly worried it was already too much for my body so I will make up for the busy start with a week of recovery.

Even more remarkable is the fact that I continously did some kind of sports daily for the recent 3 weeks, a streak of 21 consecutive days of activity. Of course this was only possible by doing regular cross training like cycling and weight training.

I couldn't hesitate to do a short race today. It was my 26th appearance at this nearby event and I was still hoping to win my age group for the first time here. I like the short distance of 5K as you are close to the finish shortly after the first couple of miles. My time - 21:17 min - was sort of disappointing but I was still hoping for the much sought-after cup. Until I had to recognise that there was one much faster M55 who clearly deserved the victory. So I ended up placed second once more.

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