Friday, 15 May 2009

Another race number

The New York City Marathon seems to feel the crisis, too. Today I unexpectedly got confirmation that I received a Good-for-Age-Entry for the 2009 race on November 1!

I tried this first time in 2006 and was successful. 2007 I applied again and was told that I had to stand back because I got a number the year before. 2008 I was successful again. So for 2009 I expected me to be rejected according to the previous rules.

It was said that NYRR are aiming for a field of 50,000 runners within a couple of years. Applicants seem to have better prospects now. Anyway, I am happy to take part again. Provided I am staying fit to run it will be my 5th time!

Photo 2005: Leaving Queensborough bridge for 1st Avenue.

By the way - I qualified by running the Hastings Half Marathon 2009 in 1hr37min gun time. M50+ runners have to be faster than 1hr40min what is much easier than the marathon aequivalent of 3hr30min. See qualifying times at NYCM website.

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