Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Recovered and enjoying

stats of the week: cycled 110K

It took a very long time for my muscles to recover. Today I did my first jog since the London Marathon. It was so enjoyable! Running through the spring time woods in a light drizzle reminded me of what is really important. One doesn't need to run a marathon. Just moving through nature keeping your eyes open is definately enough to be happy. Speed doesn't matter. Medals don't matter.

Er - this might be the moment to admit that I have entered another marathon not too far away. In fact it is just 10 days to go! I had to enter, there was no choice. I would have prefered to do the Half Marathon through my hometown again. But organisers changed the route. Now I have to go for the full distance to run through Bochum. Luckily it's the first 15K which I love to run. May be I will retire after half way. Alas - I have finished 301 races and not given up once. I would rather walk the second half than quit the race.

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