Sunday, 14 June 2009

Performance weekend

stats of the week: run 42km, cycled 201km, 1 gym

It was a fairly active weekend. Sat I gave my life premiere at the stylish world of triathlon when I took the bike part of a relay competition in my home town Witten. It was a short 8-lap-distance of 10km overall which took me 20 min - slightly disappointing at 10th place out of 27 - but my windchill speed felt much higher! However, it was great fun and a completely new way of experiencing the local roads.

(Thanks to MDC for the photo)

Sun I did another long bike tour of 160km, an organised event by the local cycling club. It was a hilly course counting 1600 height meters and I got really exhausted. I have now done 4 long bike workouts of around 150km. I think that the most I could do but I still doubt very much that it will enable me to finish l'etape du Tour where I will have to climb Mt Ventoux after a warm up of 140km. As a runner I very often learned that one can perform much better when competing, compared to training. I hope it will be the same with cycling.

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