Sunday, 28 June 2009

Working to be content

stats of the week: run 47km, cycled 43km, 1 gym

Result Aletsch Half Marathon: 2:38:08, 30th M55 of 92, 543 overall of 1540

Oh folks, it was a tough day and a disappointing one. I know I should be happy that I am still able to take part in events like this one. Other men have passed away at my age. I am still running and trying my very best. Alas - it's constantly getting less .

It was not the best of my days today. May be I was not sufficiently recovered from the recent weeks' training. Certainly I was not acclimatised adequately for a race which starts at 1,900m above sea level, has numerous ups and downs and finishes at 2,675m. Rationality says I have to be content with the performance, but as we are runners we think different...

Conditions were perfect to make it a great race day. This is the scene after about 4km with the finish far in the background, the top of Bettmerhorn.

And this is me crawling to the finish line, more than 2 hours later.

The scene around the finish.

At least I made it.

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