Monday, 22 March 2010

Long Island Run

stats of the week: run 68km, indoors cycled 1:26 hrs, 1 gym

Most of the work is done now, what my knee is likely to be happy about. To avoid any boredom at the final long run I did it by taking part at the popular Syltlauf - a 33km run along Germany's longest North Sea island. It was supposed to be a training run but as it happens often when part of a runners' crowd it ended up to be slightly too fast. Accompanied by fellow K I was tempted to keep the pace and finished after 2:55 hrs, what made an average of 5:17 min/km (8:30 min/mile). I hope my body won't take it amiss.

Now it's time to taper off for my longest run ever.


  1. Good luck with the Two Oceans! Can't believe you are running that and London a couple of weeks later. You are quite mad, you know. :-)

  2. Many thanks, Sabine, looking forward to meeting you in London again. I apoligize for beeing so naughty to correct you: It's THREE weeks from Cape Town to London ... I have to admit that I didn't properly reflect about what I'm doing ... With race day coming closer I am more and more worried ... but it's too late now to cancel. I'am already at Cape town! Best regards from South Africa