Sunday, 14 March 2010

Runaway to be shot

stats of the week: run 42km, 1 hr indoor cycled, 3 gyms

I skipped one of the week's running workouts due to a small foot problem that luckily seems to be solved now. Today's medium long run of 22km (14 miles) was slow and rather relaxed. I take this as a promising sign for next Sunday's long run of 33km on the North Sea island of Sylt. It's a famous event taking the runners from the Southern tip of the narrow island to its very Northern end. I'll try to calm down and do it as a training run for the Two Oceans Marathon that'll take place a fortnight later.

Regularly I read two daily newspapers but I reckon more than 90% of their content has left my memory once I close the final page. This week there was one local notice that I still keep in mind. On the streets of my home town a cattle was shot dead by a policeman. The brave and panic creature had escaped just before it could be forced to enter the slaughterhouse. It's a very short notice but reminds us that thousands and millions of animals are violently killed every day.

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