Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day of Records

stats of the week: run 17km, cycled 274 km
L'etape du Tour: 181km, 10:14 h, 1060th of 1502 in age group, 5082nd of 6888 overall

As expected this year's L'etape turned out to be my toughest day ever. And it was a day of personal records:

- my longest competition ever, lasting 10 hours and 14 minutes
- longest distance cycled ever with 214km completed, included the way home to our bus
- biggest ascent ever done, Col de Marie Blanque, Col de Soulor and Col de Tourmalet added up to 4,350 meters of climbing
- highest speed ever ridden on the bike 70.1km/h (43.8mph)

Col de Marie Blanque 1035m:

Col de Soulor 1474m:

Col de Tourmalet 2115m:

On the final ascent to the very steep Marie Blanque we had to push our bikes for nearly a mile due to a traffic jam caused by walking cyclists - I lost about 25 minutes. The route was beautiful and I enjoyed every part of it. Although my performance wasn't as good as last year and I didn't feel as fit as in recent races. Anyway it was still a day I'll be dreaming of frequently.
Now I look forward to watching the professionals doing the same stage on Thursday.

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