Sunday, 11 July 2010

Worn out by heat

stats of the week: run 17km, cycled 158km

Call me crazy, I know I am, but midweek I had to squeeze in a 5km track race. Our local town championships took place so I had to be there. After weeks of long distance cycling it was no use to take part in a 5km run. As expected my performance was limited. I finished after 22:02 min, under different circumstances a disappointing time. Nevertheless I was the only finisher of my age group what let me take home a champion title ...

To keep fit on the bike I completed a popular bike event in the nearby mountain area Sauerland. It's a challenging route of 158km and 1800 meters of ascent.

It was the unbearable heat what made the day more than tough. Reaching the finish after 6:20 hours of cycling I was so worn out that I wasn't able to eat anything and it took me until Sunday evening to recover reasonably. The result is that I don't feel really fit for Tourmalet - next Sunday will be the most challenging day of my 2010 sports year.

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