Friday, 6 August 2010

Top of Europe

stats of the week: no sports, just hill walking

My first visit to Russia led me to its highest point which is also the highest point of Europe.
I flew my home town's flag on the top of Elbrus at 5,642m - don't worry I took it with me on the way down.

Once you cross the mountain's snow border at the barrels huts at 3,700m the heavily littered moon like landscape changes to the vast glacial cover. The normal route is not technically difficult although long and strenuous - a whole day spent on crampons. Dangers of the weather should not to be underestimated. 15 to 30 fatalities are counted per year. As you see we were very lucky with the conditions and no problems occurred.

Let me start with the more beautiful views of Elbrus. A lot is to be told about my first impressions of Russia - ugly villages, abundant flora, meditarrenian towns, slopes of rubbish, multitude of monuments, people always ready to smile - more photos to come.

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  1. Congratulation for making it to the top...You guys have a great journey!!!