Sunday, 5 December 2010

Age Group: MOM

stats of the week: 2hrs indoor cycling, 5hrs gym, no running!

Wednesday noon, I'm sitting in front of the computer. I'm nervous. What I intend to do is mad. Two minutes later it's done.

I'm in. We're in. Frank and me have entered the Transalp Tour 2011.
7 days of cycling, 935km, 20,000 altitude meters. Life is best when doing crazy things, isn't it?

Our class is called "Grand Masters", for two men counting at least 100 years. Thx for this, more accurate would be "Mad Old Men".

Photo: Stelvio Pass is part of the route. I did it twice, but this time I'll have to be fit the next day, too ...


  1. I think, Frank looks like 43 years old... Is ist right or is he much younger?

  2. On the 2nd day of the tour, the two of us will be clocking 108 years. We'll see who'll be looking older then ... Right now I refrain from publishing how we share the years.