Wednesday, 20 July 2011

L'etape du Torture

stats of the week: cycled 270km
L'etape du Tour acte 2, Issoire - St-Flour, 210km, 3,800 vm, 10.38h

Regarding my 3rd L'etape du Tour my intention was not to take it as a race but to see the beautiful volcanic landscape of the Massif Central and have an enjoyable long day on the bike.

However, the story turned out to be very different. Being warned by the weather forecast 3,000 of 7,000 applied participants refrained from starting. With good cause. Strong head winds, persistant rain and low temperature (4°c at the first pass) let more than 1,000 cyclists abandon their race until the first food station after 68km. Finally of 4,053 who started only 1,982 made it to the finish line before the strict closing at 7pm.

I managed to arrive at 6.09 pm - it was an all-day-fight to get there in time after 10.38 hrs. Adding to the weather conditions the route was even tougher than I expected. 3,800 vertical meters with a steepest ascent of 20% was more than I had anticipated. Anyway - these are the kind of days one will remember forever.

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