Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Coming to terms with past records

stats of the week: run 54km, gym 3hrs

By the way did you notice that according to new IAAF rules men are still allowed to set world records by the help of male pacemakers while women are not?

8 years ago Paula Radcliffe behaved according to valid IAAF rules and ran a fabulous 2:15:25 world record. Now some elderly so-called officials write backdated laws and cancel her performance. Athletes should in return retract these officials' salaries for the past 8 years.

My personal previous week's performance was somewhat disillusioning. Taking part in the traditional Bertlich road races I tried to do my very best on the 15K distance. I had to face that my speed was lower than at the recent double 10K race. It was one of the days you realise that running could be more enjoyable without competitions.

However, after 11K I had to take a very deep cough of the ugliest kind - and a minute later I could breath again and increase the speed for the final 3K to finish after still disappointing 1:10:20. I found myself aware that I had not yet recovered from the recent infection.

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