Sunday, 1 January 2012

Busy year with speedy finish

stats of the week: run 45km, gym 3hrs

I didn't dare to hope it after recent races experienced. But finally and to my own surprise I did it. 26 years after my first new year's eve race, once again I ran faster than I finished my first one. 1985 I clocked 1:08:33 hrs for the 15K, yesterday it was my 20th appearance and I finished after 1:07:50 hrs. It was a tough fight and I really couldn't expect this level of performance. 5 weeks ago I only was able to keep the same speed at half the distance.

The photo shows my own medals exhibited by the organisers at the race's expo.

Surprisingly 2011 was my busiest sports year ever if you add running and cycling load.

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  1. Hi Uli, that's really a great result. Congratulations :)