Sunday, 26 May 2013

Climax after 30 years

stats of 2 weeks: run 30km, cycled 490km, gym 1h

It took my legs more than a week to recover from the marathon. Anyway the 2nd week was planned as a cycling week on cold and rainy Mallorca hills. After all we were able to do four decent tours counting more than 5000 meters of altitude ascent. Hopefully this will help my thighs to cope with the load of next Sunday's 87 km.

I'm glad it's not 90km as I thought. It will make a big difference once I made it to km 85 ...

My plan is to trot 4 half marathons in 2.5 hrs each. Sounds not too hard, does it?

Last year 659 men of age 60+ entered but only 307 made it to the finish in time.

Next Sunday is going to be nothing less than the climax of my 30 years of running.

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